The MBCU regular savings account is a safe and easy way to save, as and when you want to.

Whether you're looking to save for a car, holiday, home improvements, a computer, or just to have some money for a rainy day, the MBCU account can help.

If you're looking to get into the savings habit, you can pay into your MBCU account by Standing Order or if your employer offers access to MBCU as an employee benefit, straight from your wages via payroll deduction.

If you just want to add to your savings as and when you can, you can also make deposits by cheque, cash and debit card payments.

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The MBCU Christmas Savings Account is an easy and safe way to save up over the course of the year for the annual expense of the festive season!

With our Christmas Savings Account you can save money every week, fortnight or month over the course of the year so that when you're looking to start Christmas shopping or are organising your social calendar over the festive period, you  have funds available and ready to use.

Rather than facing a credit card bill every January, the MBCU Christmas Savings Account helps you to plan ahead.

All you need to do is open an account and start saving on a regular basis. Your funds will soon add up!

  • Regular payments

Make regular payments by payroll deduction or by Standing Order

  • Money when you need it most

Funds are available when you need them

  • Watch your savings grow

Your savings could receive an annual dividend payment each year

  • No need to re-new

Your account automatically continues on an annual basis.

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The MBCU Junior savings account enables current MBCU members to set up a savings account for a child up to the age of 16. Whether you're looking to save for a family member, godchild, grandchild or foster child, you can help with saving for their future.

Our Junior Account is ideal for members who are either looking to encourage a child to save or to save for the future on their behalf. Whether it's setting up a regular payment into the account by payroll deduction or Standing Order or making payments into the account for special occasions – it’s up to you.

Whilst the account is in the child's name, as the account Trustee, you control the account and can choose whether to save with or without their knowledge. This gives you the option to either involve the child in saving for their future, or give them a surprise further down the line. Acting as the account Trustee you control the account and are the authorised signatory.

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Loans up to £5,000
(at 2% interest per month!)

"I needed a loan to help buy a new car"

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Save via payroll

Enjoy the convenience of saving straight from your wages. Our current select employers include:

  • Herefordshire Housing
  • Herefordshire Council
  • Kingspan
  • HALO

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