MBCU offers a unique and free employee benefit for all organisations based in Herefordshire.

Offering payroll deduction facilities for your employees gives them the opportunity to save directly from their wages. The administrative work involved is minimal however, the benefits of such a service to employees is unparalleled as it enables them to keep a better track of their finances and get into the habit of saving.


If you are one of our current select employers, we are committed to working with you to raise awareness of MBCU and the services we offer to your employees.

We can tailor our activities to suit your requirements, some of the things we can offer include:

  • attending a lunchtime drop in session to meet your staff
  • providing information for your intranet or website
  • assist with your induction programme
  • posters for noticeboards
  • articles for your newsletters
  • presentations at meetings

If you would like to discuss ideas for your organisation, would like us to visit or need additional promotional material, please email us at info@moneyboxcu.org.uk

New Employers

Whether you are a small business with only a few members of staff or a larger organisation, we are committed to working with you to promote MBCU and the benefits of membership to your employees.

Whether they are full or part time, employees can access our services.

Adding MBCU to your employee benefits package is FREE.

To join us please contact us.


Loans up to £5,000
(at 2% interest per month!)

"I needed a loan to help buy a new car"

Need a loan?

Save via payroll

Enjoy the convenience of saving straight from your wages. Our current select employers include:

  • Herefordshire Housing
  • Herefordshire Council
  • Kingspan
  • HALO

If your organisation would like to help your staff in this way please:

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