Joining MBCU is straightforward. If you live or work in Herefordshire you can apply to become a member.

If you're employed by one of our select employers then regular savings would be made by payroll deduction. This means we will organise with your employer for your chosen savings amount to be taken straight from your salary or wages each payday and forwarded to your MBCU account.

If you are not employed by one of our select employers you can pay in to your MBCU account by Standing Order. Simply choose the amount you wish to save along with your preferred frequency.

To join MBCU you will need to complete an application form, please visit our Become a member page.

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Save via payroll

Enjoy the convenience of saving straight from your wages. Our current select employers include:

  • Herefordshire Housing
  • Herefordshire Council
  • Kingspan
  • HALO

If your organisation would like to help your staff in this way please:

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