Volunteering at the Credit Union

We have several volunteering opportunities available at Money Box Credit Union.  As a voluntary organisation we rely on our members' support to keep the organisation running.  You’ll also be volunteering with a fun and friendly team who will really appreciate the skills you have to offer.  Personally, you’ll gain skills and confidence that may lead to further opportunities within your own life and you will certainly have skills and experiences that you’ll be able to add to your own cv.  Being a Credit Union volunteer is a unique experience and offers a range of opportunities for people who have range of skills to offer.

You will receive full training and access to personal development opportunities.  We actively support our volunteers to grow through their experiences and you will be fully supported all the way.

Volunteering is great way to get out there, meet new people and make a sincere difference to other people's lives.

Current Volunteer Opportunities are:


We’re looking for people who can help us spread the word about Money Box Credit Union at events such as Community Days, Farmers Markets, School Fetes etc.  If you enjoy getting out and talking to people then this is the role for you. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon as well as contributing to the overall success of the Credit Union.  We need to spread the Money Box Credit Union message across Herefordshire.

We’re also looking for someone to help us with our Payroll Deduction Accounts.  We want to get local businesses on board to support Money Box Credit Union through promoting a Payroll Deduction Account.  We need volunteers who would be comfortable talking to small groups of colleagues in team meetings or on the shop floor about a Money Box Credit Union Account.

Customer Support

An unusual volunteer role but an essential one for a viable Credit Union.  If you’re looking for a new experience with a twist then this could be the role for you.  The Credit Union's income comes from the interest paid back on the low interest loans we provide.  Sometimes customers aren’t able to make those payments back to us.  Often this means the customer is facing significant financial hardship and may not be coping.  The customer support volunteer's role is to talk to customers about the best way to repay the loan.  It’s also to lend a sympathetic ear and be able to signpost customers to further help and assistance elsewhere.   We encourage customers to work with us rather than take out loans from elsewhere such as Payday Lenders or Loan Sharks.

Volunteering for this will be challenging so you would be working alongside colleagues who are experienced in this sensitive type of work.

We are always looking for help and support in other ways and as the Credit Union grows we will be looking for more volunteers to join us. If you are interested in finding out more please contact call us on 01743 252325 for further information or a chat. 

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