Banking for the people of Herefordshire,
by the people of Herefordshire

We are a financial co-operative. Our aim is to provide a place for you to save and borrow without the excesses you may associate with bigger banks. As a Credit Union we are totally government protected and we only exist to serve the people of this county. We are better than other banks. You can save and borrow with us but we are run solely for the benefit of our members.

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Loans up to £5,000
(at 2% interest per month!)

"I needed a loan to help buy a new car"

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Save via payroll

Enjoy the convenience of saving straight from your wages. Our current select employers include:

  • Herefordshire Housing
  • Herefordshire Council
  • Kingspan
  • HALO

If your organisation would like to help your staff in this way please:

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